Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Small Ulta Haul :)

Hey Guys! 
I know, long time no post. Its been an eventful summer. Hopefully, when I start school and get on a schedule I'll start to post more things on here. I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE STILL AROUND :)

Anyway, here is a quick Ulta haul for you guys. If you want to find out more about these products, then keep reading..

 Hempz Body Moisturizer in Vanilla Plum: So my Ulta rewards came in the mail last week and I reached level 5, which is pretty crazy to me lol. There were so many Ahava items that they were offering but I was a little more realistic and got lotion. I thought that the Hempz brand was affordable, but this was a whopping $23! I was glad I could save a LOT from my reward. It smells INCREDIBLE and "expensive"

 • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan: This was actually bought on a whim. I LOVE the NYX Matte lip creams and this was no different. I think this is a fairly new color? Im not entirely sure. But I am glad I got it, I have a feeling it will be well loved in the fall. 

 • Essie Polish in For The Twill Of It: I gotta say, Ive seen swatches of this polish and yes, Ive fallen in love with each swatch. Heres hoping that it will transfer just as well on my nails *fingers crossed*. I will be sharing a post on this soon, so look out for it! 

Pop Nail Glam in Mint Magic: I believe that this is a cult favorite but I never really had access to Pop. I saw a post on this a while ago and Its always been on my "to buy" list. I finally bit the bullet and I never looked back. This picture doesnt do its justice because it LOOKS AMAZING! This is definitely post worthy :)

Well thats my very small haul, if you guys wanna see any of these products in a review, or swatch then please let me know!

till later, with love

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