Saturday, January 16, 2010

For Audrey made Fancier

after some serious consideration, (and ALOT of nail polish remover) I removed Cozu-Melted in the sun - OPI and put on For Audrey - China Glaze

It was about 1 week so I didn't break any of my new years rules, I just couldn't help myself. I kept staring at my China Glazes and i just NEEDED to do it.

So when i put on For Audrey, my first thoughts were. "Ugh SO PRETTY :D" BUT! for a color that's suppose to look elegant and expensive, it just look not soo pretty.

so as you can see, it look like a blob of tiffany blue in my nails, and i did NOT like that at all,
I decided to do something about this.

ahhh, much better :] So i applied a SILVER french tip and now its SO much better. since this color is a tiffany box blue color, silver is a very appropriate color. and this made it so much more elegant. I love it now.

so tell me what you think of it. I TOTALLY suggest that you do it too

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