Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another China Glaze Haul.. with one Wet N' Wild

What a Surprise, I bought MORE China Glaze. Sadly their supplies of China Glaze are dwindling, I walked in there hoping to see brand new colors from South Pole, but most of the colors i already had. (BOO!) I guess next time I go there, Im gonna buy mostly Wet N' Wild since they have that too (for 99¢ as opposed to $1.29 LOL BIG difference right?) but hey, every penny counts.

im babbling -___- ON TO THE HAUL! :D

Royal Tease - China Glaze
Its suppose to be a shimmer but it looks a little metallic to me. but i dont know. it look ALOT like Harmony - China Glaze. its just another purple I guess. One can never have enough purple.

Laced Up - China Glaze
Yet another color from the kicks collection. its a pretty simple creme color. but it looks really cute

Caribbean Temptation - China Glaze
This Might be my favorite China Glaze Color EVER!, I probably said that I will never every pick favorites with my China Glaze, but it was love at first sight so i cant help it. but its such a pretty dual chrome pink color and I will change my nail polish color right now just to wear this

Afterglow - China Glaze
This is my second favorite color. its such a pretty dual chrome color of coral and pink. now i know, i know, it took me like 3 coats till i got the true color. but i seriously love it.

Agent Lavender - China Glaze
It looks white here but it looks alot like Done Out In Deco - OPI. the truth is, i only got it cuz its in the Operation Colour Collection like Code Orange. but i like this as well.

In The Lime Light (Neon) - China Glaze
I dunno if it was just mine, but is it more liquidy? but other than that, I like it. its takes 2 coat to make it look nice but other than that, I have no other complaints

Frostbite - China Glaze
The picture is washing it out a little, its alot more darker than that. a little sheer but not a whole lot. its in the SKI collection and its ohkay i guess..

Black Creme - Wet N' Wild
This is actually my only Wet N' Wild color and it left me with an amazing impression. The swatch that your seeing right now is only ONE coat. thats crazy! and for a really cheap price! you'll be seeing alot of Wet N' Wild hauls pretty soon

well thats it for now. KhayThanksBYE :D

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