Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China Glaze Makes Me Happy

So I hate that there isnt a retailer for China Glaze Nail Polish. So Sally's Beauty Salon or any type of store, BUT! (and there is a butt lol) I found a thrift store that sells all kinds of stuff. I went there with my friends during halloween to find last minute costumes and I saw SO much China Glaze for $1.95!!!!

unfortunately, I didnt bring my wallet (BOOOOOO!!) and I didnt get to buy them, but now that i had some time, I went a little crazy and bought SO much,

(its suppose to be like $60 worth but I only paid 20 bucks)
I bought 10 colors

Heres the colors with more details and my commentary lol

B-Girlz (<-- I felt weird writing that lol)

Scarlet(oh scarlet! such a glossy red you are)

Oh How Street It Is(Not really "street" more like "orange")

For Audrey(This is a MUST for ANY, you NEED this color)

Outta Bounds (No witty comment for that [:)

Aqua Baby (Oh Yea Baby, thats a keeper)

Rain Storm (The Pic Doesnt Do its justice, such a cute periwinkle color)

Devotion(Lighter, Metallic Version of Done Out In Deco - OPI)

Harmony (I think this color and I will live in harmony)

Seduce me (Proper Name, it IS very seductive)

I really hate having to pay retail for a bottle of nail polish, so when I saw the price, I DAMN near fainted lol.
I'm starting to think that I'm obsessed with it, but this is my new year's resolution.

yess, my new years resolution was to change my nail color for each 1-2 weeks. I want this to be the 1st resolution that i wanna achieve for the first time.

Well, till' next time. khayThanksBYE! ;D

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