Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Haulage with tiny reviews

Well you may or may not know but, it was MLK day and i stayed at home. i was bored so i decided to do a liddle shopping.

heree is my haulage

Green With Envy - Sally Hansen
its the glossy version of Gargantuan Green Grape Matte - OPI it has a nice color pay off and im pretty pleased.

White On - Sally Hansen
nothing too special, i just needed a white nail polish. its color pay of is AMAZING. it took one swipe and that pleases me

Tree Hugger - China Glaze
so yea, i just picked this color up with out any thought. i swatched it on my nail and WOW! thats all i gotta say. it has such a pretty lime green irridesence and i LOVE it. This was in the EColection.

Fairy Dust - China Glaze
This is probably the best thing thats happened to my nails. its a VERY pretty glitter. its name does it justice because it DOES look like fairy dust. I think ive put it on every nail polish color that ive put on. i love love LOVE this glitter

Golden Enchantment - China Glaze
This came out with the same colleection as Fairy dust and i gotta say im impressed. but i only but on this gold glitter with colors like green, orange or even yellow. that not so bad

Go Go Pink - China Glaze
a really baby pink color. its a pretty creme color and it takes a few coats to appear. its not so bad but ehh its alright

Code Orange - China Glaze
at first, i thought the color SUCKED, but when I swatched it. it looked SOOO pretty. it gave such a nice sheen to it and i gotta say, im a fan. i believe this came with
the Operation Colour collection. and i LOVE that collection, hopefully ill find more in South Pole

i got this ELF Hypershine Gloss and i gotta say im LOVING it! ive always wanted to try ELF stuff. i got the eyeshadow duo and i was very impressed.
This set came with Flirt which is the peachy color (and ive been using that EVERYday)
it comes with Va Va Voom (also an everyday color)
and Vixen. you know what all of these colors are EVERYday colors. i really love them. its such a same that there isnt more ELF retailers around :/

i got this ELF liquid eyeliner. ive tested them out and i only like the black. i dont mind the two other colors. i would have liked it if it was more pigmented

I also got an Eyeshadow by Maybelline. its called Sparking Wine.
Heres a swatch, its really nice. it doesnt look very "Wine" color but its more of a sparkling brown. but you dont hear me complaining. i've been using it everyday lately

i will have reviews on the Hypershine Gloss and i will SHOP for more China Glazes soon.
cuz well.. i just LOVE China Glaze. ill probably show you guys a picture of South Pole and how sketchy it is. i dont really care though cuz its the BEST. anywhoo. till next time
KhayThanksBye ;D

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