Thursday, January 28, 2010

A shopaholic is never satisfied

Being the self proclaimed shopaholic that I am, i cant help but shop shop shop!

(well to be fair, I bought all of this stuff on the weekend and its thursday??)
holy crap! i totally lost track of the week. I had NO clue it was thursday!

its cuz i had NO school the entire week. (thank god for Regents week)

But anywhoooo. heress some stuff i got.

thanks to that obnoxious flash, you can BARELY see it, but the curvyness of the bottle is very distinctive to any make up addict.
yupp thats UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and a review of that will be up VERY soon. all i gotta say is its the best!

well i HAD to, the place where i bought my OPI nail polishes where having a sale on The OPI holiday collection. only $4.50! BUT i only got 3 colors since they were basically SOLD out.
but I didnt mind it lol.

Shootout At The OK Coral - OPI
(probably the longest nail polish name EVER^^)

other than the SUPER long name, its probably my second favorite OPI nail polish (cuz will EVER beat out Cozu-Melted In The Sun)
I am actually wearing it NOW.
(BTW after further research, i DOUBT this is in their Holiday Collection)

Comet Loves Cupid - OPI
ehh, nothing really special. its just a nice red creme color. PRETTY SIMILAR to Scarlet - China Glaze. I still love my OPI

Glove You So Much - OPI
ohh I DO glove you so much. I swatched this
beautiful thing on my nail and i LOVE it. a litte dark for me but no complaints. i actually used this for a ring that i was making (I will post that soon) but yeaaa i really like it.

This might be my favorite cardigan yet....

it looks AWESOME on me. and i fell in love with it the first time i saw it. actually, at fiirst i thought the buttons were too much. but once i put it on, it looked uh-mazing. the brown buttons really accents the harsh pink and gray stripes and i just love it. Its a little tight on me but I dont really mind. i thought about pairing it up with a white tank top but i was fresh out of them. i planned on wearing it the next day that i bought it and i was in a desperate search for a white shirt. I just said "FUCK IT" and wore a black tank top and i gotta say, it was awesome! i felt so confident and i think I really loved it.

Here's me with my outfit....

well thats it for now. khayThanksBye :D

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