Thursday, January 28, 2010


I Think its time to buy more clear coat...

Check Out The TOP COAT! yeah I use some cheapo top coat. I dont mind it, just as long as it does its job its all good. but seriously... i think i have to buy 3 more bottles of this thing if its gonna get me through the year

So, on with my nail journey. ohhh btw, last weeks color was Outta Bounds - China Glaze. i just didnt post it cuz well, i had FINALS all week. but now that its Regents week, i have all day to do absolutely nada :]

anyways. here is whats on my nails right now as i am typing this. it is Shootout At The OK Coral - OPI. I was skeptical at first sight but once I opened that bottle, I fell head to toe in love. but as I mentioned in my previous blog, Im still in love with Cozu-Melted in the Sun.

but yea, I saw the name and I saw "Coral". I did NOT think it was coral. I thought it was some type of neon pink. but i still bought it.

Dont it look pretty :]

from up close, you can really see the coral-ness of it but from far away, it looks pink and neon.
and i really like that.

*i am sad to report that it HAS chipped like crazy, but thats probably because of my horrid top coat. ill probably get Seche Vite since its like the best thing on the market.

well see you guys later. khayThanksBye :]

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