Sunday, February 7, 2010

I know im a make-up addict when...

So i've been noticing lately that i cant buy something unless I have alteast an even number of those things. I thought it was just an OCD thing for me but its actually both my OCD and my make - up addiction talking. but yeah. Also i know that im a make up addict when my MOM starts buying me make up stuff for no reason

I was kinda touched that my mom took the time of day to stop and buy me make up. granted that its drugstore make up, but its REALLY awesome drugstore make up. I was SUPER pleased.

This is possibly my favorite lipgloss. its the perfect pinkish coral color and i feel in love with first swipe. its called Pucker Up and i really wish that i could find more of these. i tried to find back up but it was unsucessful

Other lippies that my mom got me. i gave her the beige one cuz it didnt look so good on me. but i kept the pink one. The one i gave to my mom had a chocolate scent and the one i kept smelt like strawberry or something frutty lol

Another goody that my mom got me. its actually eyeshadow and i thought it was a cream shadow at first, but it was actually powder shadows. I know the pigmentation of MAX factor isnt always the best, but this one is pretty amazing.

I went to CVS the same day that my mom got my make up and i saw that they had a sale on HIP stuff and it was $5.00 for any eyeshadow or eyeliner. I went crazy and i bought ALL of the HIP cream liners. i know im crazy but i couldnt help a good deal like that

-Eggplant -Teal -Midnight Blue - Brown - Black

hmm, my make up addiction is glad :] ttyl KhayThanksBye

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