Monday, February 1, 2010

is there a rehab for this?

I have a huge problem,
all i think about the entire day is to BUY stuff.
Im seriously thinking of going to the drugstore and buying a buttload of stuff.
like when Im not thinking of something else, i think of how i can budget my money and buy all these things.

know what, screw it. Im gonna go buy something. I deserve it, and since Regents week is about to end. besides I need a new top coat anyway. Ill be back with all NYC stuff, watch -___-

i think all of this shopping is just a block for something. Im just trying to block my thoughts of other more important stuff, some stuff that pop in my head currently is College (cuz i checked my email and saw a bunch of College letters), Andrew is in my head too, and all my school crap. im gonna get my report card tomorrow and I already feel myself failing -___-

ugh, whatever. ima go drown my sorrows in some retail therapy..

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