Thursday, April 1, 2010

I can feel the pressure.....

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OMG. im feeling the pressure. and i cant talk to any of my so called friends about it (people i usually go to school with) cuz theyre VERY self centered. VERRYYY conceited as well. but thats not important. The issue right now is the fact that pretty much EVERYONE i know is FRICKING taken.

Dont get me wrong. i like being single, i feel peer pressure coming on. Even the most unsuspecting girls have boyfriends. i know this sounds very 50's like "OH i need a man to complete me" its
not really that i want someone to "complete" me. Just someone to be with would be nice. just someone to hold, or kiss. Its officially spring, love is in the air, bu i guess im not gonna get hit with the love bug.

"Wheres The Other Half?"

Im not desperate i swear. its just im tired of seeing so many couples all over the school. now granted, i got hit by this so called "Love bug" last year with my ex but thats like nothing. Now everyone is getting hit by it. I have this paranoid feeling that im gonna be the only PERSON in my school thats single. you dont understand how single i am. Im so tired of this. i swear i dunno what to do. my head is telling me to just give up and become emo. but my heart has so much hope in the world. well just speaking my mind cuz i seriously cannot breath. (and the fact that someone who seems to be eternally single just became take[even though i am happy for them]) yeah i just needed to let this out. since i feel like im dying right now. And i feel eternally died because im constantly chasing a guy that is repulsed by me.

I cant help but think that my life is a movie and that the guy i like would come and sweep me off my feel like the heroine in any movie. *SIGH*

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