Monday, June 21, 2010

My Re-Introduction to Essie + a GREAT Sinful Colors Find

So Ive always hated paying retail for nail polish, Ive always found good deals on China Glaze or OPI, but never really Essie so I stayed away. Plus they didnt have colors that intrigued my nails. ANYWAY. They came of with the Summer Collection and i just couldnt help it. I only picked 2 colors though cause they came up to about 20 bucks for just 2 Essie Nail Polishes. I thought i was taking a big risk because i once bought Essie polishes that had such horrible color pay off. but i still got suckered into this. I'm glad i did though.

Heres what i got, form their Summer Collection:

This is a very true orange. it comes of a little neon too. I LOVE oranges for the summer. so watch out of this. This made me change my mind about Essie polishes.

Its a nice sort of jade green. its more of a lighter jade green. It has a really good color pay off which again made me change my mind about Essie and this is what is currently on my nails as im typing :)

Its such a gorgeous glitter. This is about 3 coats of glitter and it was a PAIN to take of. but its absolutely gorgeous. I always go to Sinful Colors for really nice glitters.

I hope that you guys like these swatches. i know its not the best.
PS. these were all taken with natural light.
Gotta love the sun :)

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