Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MAC's new Dazzle Lipsticks (Kinda Pic Heavy)

Personally I hate going through the huddles make up masses and going to a MAC opening and realizing that the thing i lusted over is SOLD OUT. Thats why i try to pick lines or products that would surprise me but completely something that people wont go for. So this line is SUPER unique but super glamourous with a rock feel

This is a collection that was launched for Nordstroms Anniversary but these Dazzle lipsticks are available in free standing stores I think


(Natural Light)

(With Camera Flash)



My personal favorite for everyday is Hot Sass, and i know youre probably thinking that im crazy to use a glittery lipstick for everyday but it actually works.

If you wanna go for a little bit of drama, Naughty You is perfect. its a REALLY nice hot pink color that is still wearable

Wanna go all out drama? Baby's On Fire is the one for you (no its not BABIES on fire, its Baby's on fire with a Y) Its not a perfect red but its such a dramatic color. thing Jenny Humphrey lips but packed with glitter

now if you see, the glitter DOES seem like its very gritty and it looks like it might hurt your lips but it actually isnt. it feels like a normal MAC lipstick and it still has that normal MAC lipstick vanilla smell


let me leave you with a classic Maroon 5 song to get you in a ROCK & ROLL mood

Hope you guys liked this and i will see you in the next post :)

-Jemm <3

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