Sunday, August 29, 2010

UD Loves NYC! First Look At The Palette. (PIC HEAVY!)

So I posted something about the UD loves NYC Book of Shadows. I actually thought it was a glorious rumor. Until a few weeks ago, Urban Decay sent a few of them to the beauty bloggers that i follow religiously. I was at awe, I just point blank said "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!" Being a big fan of UD, I have the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows and i love it. The palette itself is an absolute collectors item but its great for everyday but i digress.

Anyway since the palette is a tribute to NYC, Urban Decay has decided to do a pre-launch for everyone in the New York City area. Be that as it may, I love in Queens, I was just a few train stops from the event which makes made absolutely LUCKY!
So i obviously HAD to get a palette. I went with my sister and she was a sport waiting FOREVER lol

Anyway enough blabbing from me and on with the picture :)

This was the line, At this point we had waited for about one hour already and this was the point where we turned the corner. It wrapped around the block and the line was HUGE. My sister under-estimated the power of what make up does to people and she didnt think that there was going to be a line. Well the sight of this proved her wrong LOL

Once you got in, They lovely UD girls directed you to the registers where it was manned by more UD staff. Here's one of the columns filled with the palettes.

There was a UD girl who assisted everyone and gave us a palette in a Sephora basket. Heres mine :) I wanted to take a picture but she was busy lol.

Props for my sister's awesome hand modelling :)

They were also offering some free make-overs and a make up consultation with Eric Jimenez! (Who is UD's retail director and an amazing make up artist). He was so nice. He was giving out lip junkie samples to the people waiting which i thought was SO thoughtful This is the Make Over station. and the fabulous guy in the vest is Eric :)

Hope You Guys Are Ready To See Some MAKE UP PORN! <3





Check out the attention to detail. Pot holes, cobble stone streets and concrete floors. very New York



Here are the shadows MORE close up :)
Perversion: Matte Black(Permanent Shade)
Uzi: Crystalized White (Permanent Shade)
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again: Glitter Packed Beige (Permanent Shade)
Last Call: Pink-ish Prune (Permanent Shade)

Loaded: Dark Forrest Green (New And Exclusive Shade to this Palette)
Kush: Glittery Lime Green (New And Exclusive Shade to this Palette)
Rockstar: Shimmery Dark Purple (New And Exclusive Shade to this Palette)
Money: Glittery Crystalized Light Blue its alot like the color of the Statue Of Liberty (New And Exclusive Shade to this Palette)

Haight: Turqiouse Blue (Sephora Exclusive, can be bought as a single shadow)
Maui Wowie: Glittery Light Olive (Permanent Shade)
Radium: Bright Blue (Is a cream shadow but i dont know if its Permanent)
Snatch: Glittery Peach (Permanent Shade)

Smog: Shimmery Dark Beige (Permanent Shade)
Bordello: Light Lavender (New And Exclusive Shade to this Palette)
Suspect: Shimmery Mocha (New And Exclusive Shade to this Palette)
Psychedelic Sister: Bright Satin Purple (Sephora Exclusive, can be bought as a single shadow)

So the First 200 people get a shirt. and i was 136th. That meant FREE SHIRT! Its a gorgeous V-Neck. I am planning to wear this out to school VERY soon :)

Here Is The Rest Of the Swag that i got. I got a sample All-Nighter Spray and the Lip Junkie that I got from Eric :)


After I got my palette and paid, me and my sister just walked around Sephora (Since that Sephora was HUGE)
after that, we just strolled around Times Square trying to avoid tourists LOL

It was a long wait but it was well worth it. Im sorry that i dont have any swatches but I havent even used this palette yet (Just a little scared to swatch it LOL)
Anyway i hope i fulfilled your make up porn needs :)

BTW this palette comes out on September 7th on
and hits the stores on October 1st (i.e. Sephora, Macy's or any Urban Decay Retailers)
So if you werent able to get it during the pre-launch, you can get it then. It is a limited edition palette so to all you collectors, GO GET IT.

Here's My Haul/Experience video about it


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