Sunday, September 5, 2010

Urban Decay Loves New York Swatches and Review

So as you know (or not) I attended the Urban Decay Loves New York City Pre-launch. just scroll down to check out my post about it. Anyway, I was able to get my hands on it before the majority of the make up community could. Well during the day of the online sale of this coveted palette, it sold out before you could say "Urban Decay" Safe to say that once this palette hits the UD stands, it would be gone within minutes. Its gonna take a while for it to come so heres my review on it for your viewing pleasure.

Here's the beautiful pop-up of the palette.

The inside...


Here are some of my thoughts on it.

-Highly Pigmented
-Awesome and Abstract Design
-Not Overly Shimmery (kind of use able for everyday)
-You get more for your money
-7 new exclusive shades just for the palette

-Very Bulky
-Kind of expensive
-Limited Edition (Once its gone, its GONE)

So as promised like a while ago, here are some swatches.



•Perversion: Simple Matte Black. Its not the most pigmented matte black, its more like a steel gray matte color.

•Uzi: Im sticking to my old description of this color. Its pretty much a crystallized white. Its pretty much mostly glitter. Youre not getting alot of color payoff but its great for a little glitter here and there.

•Loaded: This was one of my favorite colors (until i saw "Money") Its pretty much a dark, rich emerald green. It has a forrest green undertone and has the most beautiful emerald shimmer. I cant say enough about this color.

•Kush: Its a nice lime green color. Its alot more cool than it is warm. It would be a great lid color.



•Midnight Cowboy Rides Again: This is one of Urban Decay's best seller. ive seen this in so many palettes. Despite the huge chunks of glitter, its still one of my favorite colors.

•Last Call: This is also another color that in alot of palettes. There's a pretty good reason for that though. Its a nice plum color but it shines like a nice purple-y pink. I thoroughly enjoy it

•Rockstar: This color is pretty similar to "Last Call" but it has more of a blue undertone. Its really gorgeous actually. Its would be a great crease color for a bright purple look, or even a nice purple lid color of a smokey look. It is exclusive to this palette

•Money: THIS IS MY FAVORITE COLOR OF THIS ENTIRE PALETTE! No exaggeration. This color pretty much explains why i LOVE UD, They are so creative for creating this color. So I dont wanna have to write up a whole page about this color (and i could) but this is one of the most gorgeous colors ever. This should be enough reason to buy this palette. If you can see, it has kind of a gold tint to it and yet its a nice kind of rusty blue. Once i swatched this, i immediately thought "Statue of Liberty" Which is why i think they names it wrong but who cares. Any way. I LOVE THIS COLOR. NUFF SAID!
(you already know! im gonna do looks on this)



•Haight: Its a really nice shimmery teal color. This is a sephora exclusive color so you could grab this color when this palette is gone

•Maui Wowie: This is another color with the huge chunks of glitter, but again despite that, I still love using this. I actually use this for an everyday lid color. I just love it. Its kind of an olive color but still pretty neutral

•Smog: Its a bronze-y color. Its also in a lot of palettes but this is the one palette that i have it in. Its a pretty good all over the lid color.

•Bordello: This is a nice lilac color, kinda like MAC's Kitchmas but even better. you can really see the purpe influence in this color which makes it pretty unique



•Radium: This is pretty much a shimmery royal blue color. Again a really nice lid color for some colorful crazy color. It has amazing color payoff too (I actually used this as a crease color with Money)

•Snatch: It looks like a peachy color. but its not so pigmented. its actually kind of sheer. its like Uzi but obviously more peach. It has those glitters too but its not that bad

•Suspect: This is another one of thos palette exclusive colors. I think if this as a "My skin tone, but better" things. I can see this as an all over the lid color. or even an all over wash. I can see myself using this alot

•Psychedelic Sister: So this is a sephora exclusive, again you can get it in a single shadow form once this is palette is gone. Its just a nice rich purple color thats more blue toned.

So all in all, if youre an avid collector of Urban Decay, specially their Book of Shadows then this is a definite item to buy. If you like make up like me, this is also something nice to have. Also if you live in NY or you have some infatuation with NY and that youre just starting out with make up, this is great for that too.

I think im a little bit biased since anything Urban Decay just makes me smile but im seriously in love with this palette (granted im scared to use it cus i KNOW ill get it dirty)

So i hope you guys enjoyed this in some way :)

Go get your hands on this once it comes out!

till the next post
-Love, Jem

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