Friday, December 3, 2010

OOTD: Summer, meet Fall :)

So Its fall, and the lack of color is kinda killing me. I know rich royal colors are in this season but i feel like I've gone into a rut with my wardrobe. So i decided to shake things up a bit :)

I took this blue and yellow splatter shirt that i bought during the summer (wore it a lot in summer too) and paired it with this cardigan that i got when me and my friend went shopping (she picked it out lol)

I also wore leggings, just cus it wasnt that cold out plus i pretty much live in them lol.

I also wore these with knee high boots that i just folded over :)
knee high boots that FIT me make me a happy girl :D
I got the boots in DSW on the sale racks. Originally $110, got it for 60 bucks. SCORE!


Top: Papaya
Cardigan: Forever 21
Leggings: Adren B
Boots: Got it in DSW and I have NO idea what brand it is LOL


And OFCOURSE i wore a jacket. are you kidding me? go out in 30˚ weather with just this on? you can forget it LOL

Well i hope you guys like it :)

till the next post
-Jemm x3

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