Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nail Polish Out 2011

Hey guys, so i was just looking around youtube in my subscriptions and i saw that a certain beauty guru that i LOVE had posted her top 10 favorite nail polishes and a little bit more.

heres Sandra's Youtube Channel:

She talked about how last year people went on a "Glossed Out 2010" So she decided to start a "Nail Polish Out 2011" I though that was SUCH a good idea because well, if you see that picture i posted, im WAY above my nail polish quota. I have about 100 polishes and that picture is just the ones that i dont use this season. So anyway, i decided to join her quest and I know a lot of us are very into polish

Here's where i keep my nail polishes. This is my main storage for them

I keep Polishes that might be "In" for the season here near my make up collection

So why not just shop at out stashes instead of going to your local drugstore for a new polish :)

But since sometimes we can resist the temptation, Im allowing my self to buy only 5 nail polishes (starting now because well i already bought more than 5 for his year hehe) and hopefully i will find some new loves from my already huge nail polish collection.

So what do you guys think about this? are you up for it? or are you gonna pass?

Im all for it :) Since i didnt participate in "Glossed Out 2010" because im not such a big lipgloss fan, i decided to join this :)

Leave me a comment telling me how you feel about this project or leave Sandra a comment on her youtube video (Tell her i sent you ;) LOL)

Here's Sandras Video on her Top 10 Polishes and her "Nail Polish Out" Project

Here's my post on LUUUX about it:

So till next time.

See you on the next post
-Jemm :)

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