Friday, February 25, 2011

NOTM: Not Like The Movies :)

So i havent done these "Nail of the Moment" posts in a while and i thought i should do one this week because i wont be changing my nail polish color for a while because ive pretty much fallen in love with this color, and the song. Its the new OPI polish from the Katy Perry Collection in Not Like The Movies.

Now i LOVE everything Katy Perry. I was one of those people who got the people around me hooked on her. When i found out that she was collaborating with OPI for her own nail polish line, i was ecstatic that it wasnt Nicole by OPI (I just dont like the bottles LOL) So i was on a serious hunt for them. I looked at every single nail polish/beauty supply store within subway distance or anywhere close to me. Absolutely NO luck -___- I was pretty much ready to give up but out of no where, when me and my friends were out downtown (like around 34th st. and Madison Ave) I saw a random beauty supply store/hair salon. I saw that they had an OPI stand. I decided to check it out with my friends and I first asked the lady if they had it. Lo and behold, THEY HAD IT! i almost cried. They ofcourse were out of the black shatter (NO luck finding that ever! lol) But they did have the 2 colors i wanted out of the entire collection. Teenage Dream (which i will do a post on soon) and Not Like The Movies. When i saw swatches of these online, i KNEW i had to have it. Thankfully i did find it <3

So Here it is, in all its glory. This picture does not do its justice. Its SOOOO gorgeous, i cant stand it!

Heres my nails with the flash

Heres it in natural light :)

Like i said, these pictures do NOT do their justice. Its best if you pick up the polish your self :)

Oh since i said i love anything "Katy Perry", Lemme tell ya. I have her entire album, her new album and i love every second of it (Well maybe expect for "Peacock" not such a big fan of it) I LOVE "Not Like The Movies" I dont like listening to it tho because i would cry if i did and well who likes to cry? lol. So heres the song, listen and fall in love.

My Favorite Line in the song is "If its not like the movies, that's how it should be. If he's the one, I'll come undone, and my world will stop spinning"

Second Favorite might be "Its a crazy idea that you were made perfectly for me, you'll see"

So thats it. See ya guys in the next post.
-Love, Jemm <3

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