Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail Polish Haul + Head2ToeBeauty Rave :)

Ok so lets talk about e-tailers. I am never a big fan of ordering online, specially for polishes. I absolutely hate ordering online but I took a shot specially because i have NO Ulta, Sallys or any place that has the new China Glaze Polishes. So I took a shot with Head2ToeBeauty.com

Lemme first just say EVERYONE! i mean EVERYONE needs to order from here! they are 1st of all international, they ship SO fast! i've never had a package come so fast! I ordered my package on a Wednesday and by Thursday, they had already shipped everything! It took them 2 business days to get it to me so i got it on a Monday. If i had ordered on lets say a monday, i probably would have gotten it much earlier. So lets just say im VERY happy with their shipping. Im not sure about their customer service since i didnt really have too much of a problem, when they shipped it, they gave me a tracking number and I took it from there.

Here was my initial order.....
Its pretty simple, just "add to cart" and that pretty much it.

Now my order came, and they FILLED the box to the brim with packing peanuts, and these were a B-I-T-C-H to get rid of off my hand because of the static LOL

So they packed it in China Glaze boxes like these and since I ordered more China Glaze, im guessing thats why i got China Glaze boxes. Props to them for re-using boxes. i saw the tops of the boxes and it had a label of different polishes to good job on recycling there Head2ToeBeauty :)

and heeeeerrrrreeeessss the polishes :D

Here are the polishes that i ordered.

Now lemme tell you why i initially ordered from Head2ToeBeauty, I was actually debating on either 8ty8beauty or this site, BUT! the only reason why i was ordering is to get Sea Spray and well 8ty8beauty has it out of stock (BOO!) safe to say, i only ordered from Head2ToeBeauty because they had what I wanted in stock. SO NOT regretting it :D

I also got some other polishes from the Up In The Air collection, and i got ANOTHER For Audrey polish just as a back up :) (yes, im pretty much crazy lol)
BTW im SOOOO excited to try Re-Fresh Mint. There are SO many people who talked about this and im SO excited.

So Suffice to say, im VERY happy with my purchase :D I only have ONE TINY problem.

(Isnt that such an awesome problem)

So Here is the site to the E-tailer: Head2ToeBeauty
Order from them, theyre AWESOME! :D

So ill see you guys next time!

Till the next post
-Jemm x3

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