Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You SHATTERED me at hello.


So after about a good 2 months of searching for this polish, i FINALLY found it. I actually found this in New York's famous beauty supply store; Ricky's. I actually took a shot in the dark cus i was out with my friends around Columbus Circle and we were going to an event for our club. I just happened to spot Ricky's and well i knew i wasnt gonna find it. I go in and ask the people inside and what did i see just a few inches down my nose? BLACK SHATTER! I gasped SO loud that im sure people from the back could hear me, even with the music blasting. That was it. I HAD to buy it. Unfortunately, Ricky's is INCREDIBLY over priced. (i.e. OPI Polishes are $12+tax D:) Specially for this polish. it was about $15!!!!! But after debating for about 2 seconds, i pulled out my wallet and bought it. and i dont regret a thing :D

The second me and my friends stepped out of the store, i pulled it out and did a little demo for my friends and justified my decision, they were in agreement with me LOL. I kept saying half the time "Am I Crazy for buying this" and all my friends said were "No, its worth it. I should have bought one" (I have very supportive friends lol)



So anyway, here is the Black Shatter polish :D (picture 1 & 2)
I didnt really have a problem applying it. I kept hearing that it was streaky and such but its fine, its not bad. its pretty damn good actually. I dont regret one cent. The 3rd picture is the nail i did in the middle of the street with my friends "Oh"-ing and "Ah"-ing :D

Here is the Rickys Website if you're interested in what it is, or if you're unfamiliar.

Well now that i have the Shatter, im SO convinced on buying the other one coming up in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. YOU BEST BELIEVE IM DOING SOME NOTD's ON THIS :D

Here are some shatter NOTD's that im loving and considering to paint on my nails
•Mica G's "Glittery Lava" (Thats my description btw lol)

•Holly Ann's "Girly Shatter"

•Cecilia's "Chocolatey Shatter"

Till the next post :D (which will probably be my shatter polish of the week :D)

P.S. The Nail Colors underneath the shatter is OPI's Shoot out at the OK Coral and Sally Hansen's Strobe Light :)

If you guys want to get your own shatter polish, heres a give away that im currently entering in :D

It ends at April 7th so GO ENTER! :D
Click on the picture to the link or the sidebar


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