Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Estee Lauder's Frozen Fantasy



Its spring and all these bright colors are coming up. From creme finishes to glitters. Every now and then, its nice to change it up with a nice nude color to contrast everyones bright wardrobe right?

Here a great nude that I got a while ago for my birthday. Its Estée Lauder's Frozen Fantasy. Its a bit of a darker nude but it has this really unique silver veining/shimmer to it. its quite gorgeous and a serious staple in my collection. I wear this in between bright colors and by that i mean by that is that after i wear a super bright color, i wear this :)

Its a nice buffer for all these colors. SO tell me what you think of this color :) like it? hate it? leave it in the comments :)

-till next time <3

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