Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NOTM - Cherry Blossoms :)


Hey guys, So this is my nail polish art. Its basically cherry blossoms. I actually did this after the tsunamis hit Japan to support them. Its spring time there and the cherry blossoms should be springing up now. Instead, they're facing a horrible devastation that they're still dealing with now. Well I just wanted to do this, other than that its really pretty and i have never gotten so many compliments. its actually a really simple tutorial. Im not taking any credit for this, i saw a video from a lovely youtuber "Misschievous" and she did a tutorial on this.


Lemme just tell you guys the products (nail colors that i used)
-ELF: Mint Cream (For the background)
-China Glaze: White on White (For the white petals)
-China Glaze: Rosita (For the middle of the flower)
-Hurricane Nail Art: Black (For the stems)

I hope you guys try this out. Its really fun and its really cute for spring. Just look at the video I attached and you'll be fine :)

Till next time :D
-Love Jemm x3
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  1. Love it! Thats a great background color Im so adding Elf Mint creme to my wishlist!