Friday, April 1, 2011

NOTM: Color Club - Revvvolution ;)

So Spring is here.... I guess (Even though i just went through another tiny snow storm here in New York -___-) and weirdly enough, i think this year, trends did a full 360. like this fall, coral nails were in for the fall, and i guess now, black nail polish is a BIG thing. huh, who woulda thunk it LOL

Wel me bring a follower of trends, I went for the dark nails, but i was tired of the simple creme gray/black (not that I still dont love it) well if you saw my post on my nail polish haul, I bought a Color Club nail polish called "Revvvolution" cause well i heard it from a certain Ms. Vintage Or Tacky a LONGGG time ago and she said this has a certain holographic show to it. and its not as apparent as the China Glaze ones (Which is still in my wish list) but the holo is still there. This marks my first Holographic nail polish too :D

So here is the polish in all its glory



*P.S. Can i tell you how HARD it is to get the holo to show pretty. I guess thats why im saying its not that holographic as i wanted it to be. It doesnt really photograph well.

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