Sunday, April 10, 2011

NOTM: Floral Tips :D


So spring has sprung here in New York and it was about time! I wanted to commemorate this glorious spring season with a spring-y manicure. and by manicure, i mean i did it myself :D

So this week, I was taking pictures for my senior portrait for my high school and i decided to do french tips. nothing fancy, just a white nail art and some clear polish. I checked the news and saw that the weather was finally getting higher! I ran to where i kept my polishes and i wanted to paint on something coral but then i saw my nail stickers. I just decided to use those.


i didnt wanna put it on all of my nails, so i just did it on my thumb, pointer and ring finger. It looked pretty sophisticated :)


Here are the stickers i used, i got these from my mom. she said her friend went to Japan brought them for her but she does her nails in a salon and she knows i am like obsessed with nail stuff. so yeah she just gave it to me. i have a bunch more that are different.


so what do you feel about this? leave it in the comments and tell me :D

till next time :)
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