Monday, May 23, 2011

My Lucky Nail Polish: OPI's Cozu-melted in the Sun :)


Hey guys,
So I just wanted to share with you guys my favorite/lucky nail polish. Its OPI's Cozu-melted in the Sun. Im not sure if i already did a post on this but whatever, this polish needs more recognition. Well i call this my "Lucky" nail polish for many different reasons. This is bottle is actually the 1st bottle i ever bought that i took a chance on. This was the first polish that i picked up on a whim. It opened my eyes to polish and it made me say "Hey, why not?" a lot more towards polishes.

So anyway, i call it my "Lucky" polish because the first time i wore this polish, i had nothing but good luck come my way. I aced so many of my tests and ever since then i always wore this on a big tests. I wore it this week because i had an Advanced Placement test (AP) for Biology. I worked SO hard for this test, but i figured it'll be nice to have a little luck on my side, and weirdly enough i did have some luck! :D


Anyway, enough babbling about my life, lets talk about the polish! Contrary to what you see in the bottle, this is A LOT more opaque. Its a very nice shimmery/glittery color. I would describe it as a bright peachy color with a tinge of coral. its quite unique. I would think that its work appropriate for those who cant wear extravagant colors. From a far, you'll see that it looks like kind of a normal color but you'll see some fine silver glitters. Its not like a "BAM!" glitter, its more like "Oh, yeah im here too" glitter. It doesnt over power the color, it actually accentuates it :)


So how do you feel about my Lucky nail polish :)
leave it in the comments.

Till later <3


  1. I love the color! First time I heard of a lucky nail polish. Im gonna to see i might have one lol.. congrats on doing well on your test!

  2. What a great post! This is such a lovely color, and glad to know it's not sheer! It's so funny how you call it your "lucky" polish lol :)