Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust Perfume Review (Juicy Couture Dupe!)

So one day, me and my sister were at Sears. She went ahead and bought some make up things and I noticed a table with a bunch of perfumes. i decided to walk over there and i noticed some Paris Hilton's perfumes. I saw that my favorite wasnt there (FML right?) but then i saw others by her. Can i just say how much I love all of Paris Hilton's perfumes! I havent tried out Fairy Dust but i heard that it was good. I picked it up and i noticed it was 75% OFF!!!! So my sister decided to pick it up for me cus it was SO cheap. But anyway back to this review.


Lemme first just say how gaudy the packaging is. I hate the bottle shape, its a little awkward and i feel like it could drop any time i pick it up. Other than the weird bottle, it has the most grotesque picture of a fairy right in front. Yeah its NOT pretty. The top also isnt very cohesive with the bottle. If they designed the bottle around the cap, i have a feeling it would be a much better bottle. As a grade for the packaging, i would give it a D-

Now for the scent. If you smell the scent, you will forget all about the bottle. It is an exact dupe to the Juicy Couture Original Perfume! I actually never thought this would happen because the Juicy Couture scent is my absolute favorite over anything but i feel that its too expensive. So when i smelled this and it smelled exactly like the Juicy one, i screamed and hugged my sister for buying it for me :) For the scent, i would describe it as a girly, musk scent. Its mostly floral but it has a hint of a fruity scent. So for the actual scent, i would give this an A+++++++++++++++++ (Because well come on! its juicy dupe!)

So thats it for my review, How do you feel about this if you have it.
As for me. i love it. I can look past the horrible packaging and thats kind of a first for me. I will be going back and buying a back up actually :)

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  1. My nice had been begging for weeks now about this perfume. With your review i might as well give-in to her whims.

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