Saturday, April 30, 2011

Recent Obession: Black French Tips :)


Hey guys :)
So i wanted to share with you my recent manicure (on myself) Every now and then i get tired of a plain color polish over my nails. I decided to do a french tip. As i opened my drawer of nail art things (composed of 2 nail art polishes in black and white and a bunch of nail stickers) I was about to reach for the for the white, but then i saw my black nail art polish. I thought "hey, why not" I decided to paint it on my nails.

After it was dry, i stretched out my hand and saw that i REALLY loved it! It was SO chic and edgy. Even though the "French Tip" is a feminine style, the black contrast makes it really rocker chic. I absolutely LOVE IT and im crazy obsessed with it. Ive been wearing it on and off for the past month. I would recommend this to someone with longer nails though. I feel that with long nails, it elongates the nails but with shorter nails, it kinda shortens it.

So what's your opinion on Black French tips? leave it in the comments below:)

till later guys :)

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1 comment:

  1. Love the black tips! I have given you the Kreativ award.