Sunday, May 15, 2011

China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint


Hey guys, this is China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint. This is my unofficial Spring nail polish. You have no idea how much ive been reaching for this. First i wanna talk about the name. My stupid self thought this was such a random name, but then i realized that it was "Refreshment". It was like an "Aha!" moment for me lol I actually have this on my nails as im typing this :) These something about nice mint nails that gets to me.


Ive tried alot of mints but this is without a doubt my favorite. Just when i think i can dupe it, i cant. Well its just a very nice and unique mint color. Its more pastel but still bright. I dont know why there wasnt so much hype about it because its one hell of a color :) The formulation is pretty good. It was opaque with 2 coats but i still went with a 3rd light coat. Lemme just tell you how much this color pops! with any outfit. I wore a striped neon pink shirt and people noticed my nails still :D Im very pleased with this polish. i really wanna get a back up of this because ive been using it way too much :)

Anyway, tell me what you feel about this polish :)

till later <3
Check out my Minted Leopard Nails. I used this polish, I think you guys would like it :)

On another note, i started listening to this song again. its Stacy's Mom By Fountains of Wayne. I actually started listening to it again because me and my friends were talking about our futures and my friend said "I wanna be like Stacy's Mom from the song" HAHA! i couldnt stop laughing!
Well now enjoy the song :)

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