Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Lips: NARS - Orgasm :)


Hey Guys, so this is my next Spring Lips installment :) and i am featuring NARS' Orgasm. Ill give you a slight pause for this very provocative name. We're all very aware of NARS and theyre unbelievable make up brand. Theyre mostly famous for their blushes but of course they have other stuff too :) Their lip glosses arent the most amazing things in the world but theyre pretty good. Theyre amazingly pigmented and theyre pretty 3-dimensional.


Orgasm is a light peachy color with a very visible gold shimmer. As you can see from my picture, it blanks out my lips pretty well and im just wearing just the gloss and pretty pigmented for a light lipgloss. and well i have pretty pigmented Bare Lips. So all in all, im very impressed by this :) The only cons to this is that i dont like the scent or lack of scent and i also dont like the applicator. My lips are pretty big and the applicator doesnt fit my gigantic ass lips lmao. but other than that, its pretty good



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So thats it for now guys :) look out for my next post <3
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  1. I really love this color. I returned it because I didn't like the smell. Such a shame they couldn't make it smell better. I can't stand products that have a funky scent, lol.