Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Favorites :)

Hey guys :)
Here are my June Favorites.
I wanted to give you guys a break from all the polish posts and give you something with a little beauty and a little bit of the polishes :)


- I really have been loving these brushes. Nothing much to say, just pure love :D

• ELF's Studio Powder Brush - I just recently got this, but im already loving it! ive been using it everyday since i got it. Click HERE to check out my more in depth review

• Sigma's E40 Tapered Blending Brush - Ive been reaching for this brush more than i expected myself to. Its just the perfect brush for almost everything. Click HERE to check out my review on it

- So ive been getting really lazy with my eye make up lately, ive been needing something to make my make up pop, Ive been loving the bright lip and simple eye lately and here are just some of my favorites

• MAC's Viva Glam Cyndi - Im sure you guys all have this but im seriously just loving it. Its sheer but in a good way. Its coral but it still has that hint of red that makes it so bright and just really brightens my complexion

• NYX's Miracle - This is probably my most favorite lippie for the season. Its just so amazing. I dont know how else to describe it. Just look at my review HERE :)

- My fragrances have been fluctuating the entire month, i get bored a lot with my fragrances, but this is the stand out fragrance for me :D

•Bath & Body Works' "Into The Wild" - So this has been my unofficial scent for June. Ive been going on and off with my lotions and stuff, but ive been reaching for this the most. I know some people dont like this because its a little too musky for a spring scent, but i happen to like it. I know scents react differently with other people, and i like how this wears on me


-Its summer, and well ive changed my eye make up routine pretty drastically. No more gray smokes for me, I usually use just one color and smudge a little liner on the top, Ive been reaching for this trio SO much lately

•Wet N Wild's Im Getting Sunburned Trio - If you guys wanna check out some swatches or my full review of it, click HERE

I haven't really done much with my cheeks because i tend to stick with the same thing when i like it. This is the only blush ive been using :D

• MAC's Hipness Blush - This has literary been my go-to blush for the month. I always wear this no matter what my eye look, or lips are. Its just so flattering. Its bright but not that bright that it looks like a have super coral cheeks.

- Ive been really liking pinks this month but thats towards the middle and the end of the month. Ive been using mints for the beginning of the month. Here are some stand out nail products for this month :)

• Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet - In the beginning of June, i was still obsessed with pastel colors because of spring. This has been a serious go-to polish for me. This is actually an exact dupe for Chine Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint. I was skeptical on it, but when i painted them on together, they were like long lost twins :)

• Seche Vite Top Coat - I am now a believer of the Seche Vite Top Coat. I went into full depth of it HERE.

• OPI's Steady As She Rose - This is my second favorite out of the whole Pirates Of The Caribbean collection. its so ironic that i paid didnt give this a second chance. I actually didnt like it until i painted it on my fingers. I never really wear anything for more than 3 days, but this time i did. I dont really regret it though. Check out more swatches HERE

• OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama - I LOVE this color. This is my favorite from the entire collection (for the month) Again its ironic because this is the one color that i didnt really pay attention to, and it ended up being my favorite. I have a post on it. just click HERE :)


  1. nice favorites! The blush and the polishes are pretty

  2. great favorites! i like the nail polish colors you picked out... its really soft suitable for summer =]