Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nail Polish Haul + 1st Birthday Gift :)

Hey guys,
I have a tiny haul for you guys. I got these things this week and i thought id share it with you guys :)


So i first wanna share my first birthday gift for this year. Im turning 18 this year and well thats a pretty big milestone :) so anyway, my friend got me my first birthday gift. She knows how much i love my make up and all things beauty. I mean everyone does lol. I always gave her little reviews on products so she decided to give me one :)

So she got me some Lush goodies :) this is actually my first lush products and she didnt know that but i LOVE that she got these for me :)
She got me 2 shampoos:

- Rehab: I tried this out already and so far its going good. It smells fairy herbal and i will have a review of this soon :D
- I Love Juicy: I have yet to try it, but i will give you guys a review of this soon


Of course i got some polishes :)
- Wet N Wild's Gray's Anatomy: Ive been looking for this EVERYWHERE! i finally picked it up and its basically a nice duochrome color like OPI's Not Like The Movies

- OPI's Steady As She Rose: I went to the store and took a second look. i just HAD to get it :D i will definitely have a post soon :)

-OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama: I was getting the other polish from the collection so i thought i might as well get it. Will do a post soon :)

-OPI's I Vant to be A-Lone Star: Nothing much to say about this, i kinda picked it up on a while. its a nice shimmery light blue


So i went to TJ Maxx with my sister and we were browsing through their very small cosmetics section. Usually they would have bits and bobs of things but then i spotted this. They were a duo of full sized OPI polishes for 7.99 :) I was a seriously happy camper. and since it was TJ Maxx, i switched out some colors with something i liked. score right?
So the polishes that i got were:

- Lemonade Stand By Your Man: Its a sheer yellow color. Im actually wearing it right now on my nails as i type this :)
- Give Me a Coral Sometimes: It seems like a gorgeous reddish coral color. I will be wearing it on my toes next :)

Im not gonna lie, the little bag really got to me and i HAD to pick it up cus it was way too cute to pass up :)

SO anyway, thats my super tiny haul :) i hope you guys liked it

till later
-Jemimah <3
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  1. Great Haul!! Omg that is such a score Ive been finding alot of good polish deals at Marshalls I am soo gonna go to TJ Maxx now!!