Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NOTD: Final Hurrah :P

Hey guys,
So this is my actual Nail Of The Day. I wore this for about an hour. I was wearing China Glaze's Grape Pop; :) and well i wanted to change my nail polish but i thought i wanted to do a nail design first.


well, lets just say i went a little too crazy and came up with this. Im calling this my Final Hurrah because this is the only time im playing around with this manicure.


So let me tell you about what i did here. I actually first applied Revlon's glitter polish in Star to my thumb and ring finger. I thought it didnt look too nice so i put a diagonal shatter on the rest of my fingers. I used OPI's Black shatter. after that, i put a white stripe and then i put the same glitter over the shatter.

yes, im a crazy person lol. but hey, whats your preference? let me know in the comments about this nail art. If you say it sucks, i wouldnt be offended, cus well i dont like it myself lol

till later :)

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