Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: ELF Studio Powder Brush :)

Hey Guys,
So im here with yet another review. This time its for ELF's Studio Powder Brush. So if you didnt see my haul with this, ill talk a little bit more on my back story on this brush.


So this brush is actually very popular on blogs, youtube and any area that discusses make up. I always never believed it. Im always one to follow the hype but this time, i thought it was way too good to be true. Another factor that led me to hold off on buying this is i saw it in action on a youtube video. She was using this brush and i thought it was SO flimsy. Another thing, my target was always OUT of it. That should have been a sign that it was good right? But anyway, this one time that my target had it, i decided to pick it up. I thought why not? it was just $3 and i didnt know what everyone was loving about it. Well while i was still in the store, i decided to take a feel on the bristles. I must have screamed because i wouldnt believe how amazingly soft and dense it was!

I immediately took off my foundation when i got home and layered on another foundation using the brush. It was amazing!




So as for my review on this, Its pretty much amazing, nothing but good things on this brush. It leaves a really nice kind of air brushed finish. I tried it with about 3 different foundations and it blends in the foundations amazingly. I found myself using less foundation too because it just disperses the foundation so evenly. It still buffs it in and gives a nice smooth finish :)

The only con i might have with this is that my target is always out with it! but then again, thats nothing against the brush :)

So final thoughts, i LOVE it.

So tell me what you feel about this brush. do you have it? if so, what do you feel about it? lemme know in the comments :)

till later
-Jemimah <3
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