Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Seche Vite and Clear Top Coat


I am now a believer!
So for so long, i always hated Seche Vite mainly because i hear so many bad things about it. I heard that it gets goopy and thick really fast and that it has that harmful chemical in it. I also kinda hated the price, i feel like $8 is too much for something ill use up fast. I never wanted to pick it up mainly because i had my INM Out The Door top coat plus its only like $4. Well i ran out of my top coat, and i decided to try out Seche Vite. I got it for a great deal at CVS, I got a duo of the Seche Vite Top Coat and Seche Clear Base coat for $8.99 I figured im getting two things for the price of one so why not try it.

Oh. My. Goodness!

I absolutely LOVE this top coat! I have never had something this good! I would say that this dries as fast as the Out The Door top coat, maybe a little bit faster. This also leaves the most glossy finish EVER! I was SO amazed. Usually with my Out The Door top coat would lose its glossy-ness after a few days, but this never really lost its shine. Even after putting so much lotion on, the shine was still there! its AMAZING! :D

Now on my opinion about the harmful chemical in it. Well this effect pregnant women and the fumes from the top coat can cause complications for pregnant women. No offense, but i really dont plan on getting pregnant any time soon LOL That doesnt really mean that I support the face that they use it. Thats probably the only con that i have on this product.

Over all, I really do recommend this for anyone NOT pregnant or around pregnant people. but i really do love this top coat

I am now a serious believer on the Seche Vite system :D

So what do you guys think? love it? hate it? lemme know in the comments

till later
-Jemimah <3

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  1. I love it but it does get goopy and thick once you used up half of the bottle.

  2. @Pang yeah i heard about that but thats why im trying to use it up fast :)