Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush


Hey Guys,
I actually wanted to review this brush for you guys because i have been using it more than what ive expected. Its the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush :)



Now i know this is suppose to be a "blending" brush as the name suggests but i feel that it does more than that. Ive used this for multiple ways.

Weirdly enough I dont use this for blending! Im not really one to blend different colored eyeshadows on a daily basis, so im not exactly used to using this for blending colors like a blue with a green. I still used it for blending and it does a fair job in blending. I feel that the hairs are little too long for it to blend some colors amazingly. it still does the job but i feel like i need a little extra time blending as opposed to something a bit denser. It is pretty flimsy, but theres a fair amount of density in it.


Now im not mad that it doesnt blend that well, im not mad at ALL. Since i wanted to give this another shot, i went ahead and tried it many times. My everyday make up routine, consists of a simple champagne on the lid and contouring on the crease. I usually use about 3 brushes, but when i got this brush, this is all i needed. I use this for a light wash of color on lid and since i use kind of highly pigmented shades (Wet N Wild shadows lol) I only need a tiny bit of it and it does the job. It spreads the color amazingly.

Now for contouring, I have to say, it does a better job than a denser brush. I find that I really get a defined lid when i used this to contour. I use a very light hand and I just pretty much rock it back and forth to create a "faux" lid, as i like to call it :)

I usually darken the outer corners of my lids with a bit of a darker shade, and sometimes when i used a bit of a dense brush, i put too much on the brush and make it look too dark. With this brush, i pick up very little product and i get to have more control which is awesome!

Final Thoughts? : I gotta say, it might not be the best for blending, but it is definitely amazing for every other job that i used it for.


So, what do you guys feel about this brush? do you have it? and if so, what is your favorite use for it. Lemme know in the comments below (hey that rhymes! lol)

Till later

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  1. i have the small one they gave for free and yeh its okay.. doesnt blend really well

  2. I rarely use this brush. It doesn't do anything for me. Or perhaps I haven't taken the time to play with it long enough.