Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some New Nail Contests :)

Hey guys, so im gonna keep this REALLY brief.

New Contests.
Nail Polish.
Go Enter.


So Ms. Traci of The TraceFace Philes is having a 300 follower contest right after her 200 follower one (congrats girl! :D)

Next few giveaways are by the same blogger. Her name is Carla by Deuce Beauties
She has 2 giveaways that I think you guys could be interested it ;)

One is a CVS Giveaway

The other is her 200 follower giveaway

Check out both their blogs. Theyre pretty amazing :)

So you guys know the work, do the clicky thing on the pictures, or go to my sidebar :)

till later
-Jemimah <3

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