Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring Lips: MAC - Hot Sass :)

Hey guys,
Welcome to another segment on my Spring Lips series. We are winding down on the lippies and this is the second to the last. Well a lot of things must come to an end right?


So anywho, up next on the stage is MAC's Hot Sass Dazzle Lipstick. Im so sorry but i think that this is a limited edition shade. It is a dazzle lipstick and i believe thats a limited edition texture. I have a review on these on my blog is you wanna check it out. ill put the link below to my review.


So Hot Sass is a really bright orange color. It shines like a gold sometimes. Its kind of a bright coral. I dont really know how to fully describe it, its just really glittery.


For a dazzle lipstick, which is essentially just a "glitter" lipstick, it does cover and leave a nice coat of glitter on your lips. just like a dazzleglass. Frankly, i loved the dazzle lipsticks, i have 2 other shades of it.


So thats it guys :) Check out my last post on NYX's Rose Lipstick

thats it for now guys :)
till later

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Review on the Dazzle Lipsticks


  1. Awesome! Really nice color! ♥

  2. soo pretty <33 I tend to lean more towards the LE lippies too