Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Go-To Trio: Wet N Wild's I'm Getting Sunburned

Hey guys,
I wanted to share this trio with you guys, now i know this isnt a fairly new trio. It came out a LONG time ago but i wanted to just share it because this has been my Go-To trio for the summer. Ive been reaching for this so many times, more than i would expect to use! Well its the Wet N Wild "I'm Getting Sunburned" trio :)


Lets go over the PROS and CONS of this first.

-Highly Pigmented
-Easily Accessible (Now they are lol)
-Compact (Great for travel)
-Compliments Brown/Hazel Eyes (might be a con to some)
-Easily Blendable

-Shadows are a little too soft


So thats pretty much the initial PROS and CONS to it. Now for my opinion to this trio. I LOVE it. I actually wasnt too crazy over it the first time i got it but now, i am :) I use the colors the most individually for just a nice wash of color. Since its summer, i dont wanna always do an intricate eye look. I just reach for this, a fluffy brush and some mascara and im good eye-wise. Since it is highly pigmented, It gives me less time to work on my eyes, which is always a good thing. I dont have to take my time packing on color too much.

Now for the colors, i know some people might be a little scared of using the pinkish purple on their eyes, but i tried just this color on my lids and blended it a little up, and it actually looks amazing with brown eyes. Another thing, i love just applying gold to my eyes for the summer and the gold in this trio is really perfect :) My only complaint on this palette is the brown color. Now dont get me wrong, i love that its very pigmented, its great for maybe a smokey eye, but when i wanna use it for everyday, i have to be SO careful. Even a tap of my brush, and its too much! I still love it, but i just have to be careful with it.

So how do you feel about this palette for the summer? lemme know in the comments :)

till later
-Jemimah <3

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  1. Ohhh! Awesome colors! ♥♥♥
    Wanna see a make-up with it! *__*

  2. I have that palette but I haven't been using it... i guess i need to pull it out and start making looks with it!