Sunday, July 3, 2011

1st Time Water Marbling ♥


Hey Guys,
So this is My 1st Time Water-Marbling. Now before i start, i kinda went a little swirl happy, and i kinda just grabbed whatever polishes i could. ill try to name what polishes i used but i have a feeling im not gonna have a full list. For my first time, i actually didnt think i did too bad of a job. I did watch a TON of water marbling videos 1st before doing this. My Favorite is Colette's Youtube or check out her blog "My Simple Pleasures", she does some really cool marble designs.

Anyway, i watched about a dozen of her videos and copied her own technique so mind you, this is all her techniques and i must say, for my first time, she made it really easier and less messy so thanks for the tips Colette :)


Now on to the nails, For a base, i used OPI's Fiercely Fiona because thats what i was wearing all week

• Thumb: Wet n Wild's Sapphire Blue and China Glaze's In The Limelight

• Pointer Finger: China Glaze's White on White and Wet n Wild's Lavender Pearlescent

• Middle Finger: China Glaze's White on White, Wet n Wild's Lavender Pearlescent and China Glaze's Pink Underground

• Ring Finger: China Glaze's In The Limelight, Essie's Going Incognito, and Essie's Chinchilly *This one is my favorite out of all of it them :)

• Pinky: OPI's Done Out in Deco and Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Purple Potion

So on my opinion on water marbling, I think that you need some patience for it, theres so many steps to it! thats why watching some videos on it might help. I recommend this to someone with a fairly big nail polish collection, which im sure most people here have lol. This is a VERY polish consuming method and if you have some polishes that are just sitting in the back of your collection, (like me) i suggest this method. I actually like this! i have about 120+ polishes and thats after i gave a lot away to my friends. It gives me more use of my polishes that i dont ever use.

So which one is your favorite? have you tried water marbling? lemme know in the comments :)

till later
-Jemimah <3

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  1. You did an awesome job for your first time! I haven't tried but everytime I see people posting theirs, I'm always in awe. I have this obsession for nail polish but I really hate doing my nails, lol. I like to have them there just so when I do feel like painting my nails, I always have something to pick from.