Wednesday, July 13, 2011

and the Blog Award Goes to!.....

Hey guys,
So I had no idea i received some blog awards! I have a lot of awards to give out so i have a feeling ill be doing some repeat offenders so im SO sorry if i do repeat some blogs.

Stylish Blog Award:
I was rewarded this by the lovely Roxanne from Random Stash. The rules are that you are suppose to say 7 things about you and pass on the award to 15 other bloggers. All the things are right below and i just wanna thank Roxanne for giving me this award :)

As for the 7 things, here are just a few random tid bits
- When im bored, i play with my make up (who doesnt though lol)
- I feel naked when i dont wear mascara!
- I never thought that i would love pale pink polishes as much as i do now.
- I'm seriously in LOVE with Red Mango :D
- I just recently got the Naked Palette from Urban Decay (I know, SO late right?)
- I have a serious problem with Bath & Body Works items
- I would love to not worry about the price of make up, but just the product.

So that it for the things about myself, anyway here are the lovely people that I passed on the award to.

*These are in NO particular order*

1. Random Stash by Roxanne
2. BeautyRedefined by Pang
3. Shadow's Nail Art
4. Pixie Polish by Lyndsay
5. Shimmer&Glitter by Holly Ann
6. Lovely In Lacquer by Abby Sarah
8. Deuces Beauties by Carla
9. The Trace Face Philes
10. Cosmetic Cupcake
11. C.angie
12. Huda's Beauty Blog by Huda
13. Canadian Nail Fanatic
14. Dutchess Roz
15. Panda Loves Polish by Amanda

Sunshine Award:
I wanna first go ahead and thank Lyndsay from Pixie Polish for giving me the award. You are suppose to pass it along to 10 other bloggers and here is the list of them :)

*These are in NO particular order*

1. Pixie Polish by Lyndsay
2. Deuces Beauties by Carla
3. Nailderella by Karine
4. Random Stash by Roxanne
5. Cosmetic Cupcake
6. Miss Natty's Beauty Diary
7. Mirror Mirror on the Wall by Sherrie
8. The Trace Face Philes
9. Panda Loves Polish by Amanda
10. Shadow's Nail Art

So that it for now guys :)
I hope you check out these blogs, theyre totally worth it.

till next time
- Jemimah

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  1. aww thanks do much girl! I didnt know =] which this would actually leave us messages when people tag us !