Saturday, July 23, 2011

OOTD: Beating the Heat B)

Hey guys!
So there is a heat wave here in NYC this week, and as much as i like staying at home in my nice and newly decorated room, i HAD to go outside. It was about 101 degrees out so i had two big no-no's when i was getting ready. NO Jeans and NO Dark Colors. I wanted something that moved with the very little and very humid wind. So i decided to wear a dress. This is actually a big milestone for me because i NEVER wear dresses. Skirts; sure, ill wear one in a heart beat. But a dress? oh hell no lol. But i had to beat the heat some how right?

Anyway, enough digression. On the the OOTD.

So i decided to wear this super thin dress from H&M. I believe i got it for around $12. It was really nice and light and i LOVED the color.

As for accessories, Im just wearing my usual necklace that i wear everyday. I really forgot where I got it. Ive owned it for some time now.

Now for shoes, i just threw on these super cute sandals that i got from Bakers about 3 years ago. No joke, theyve held on quite well :)

Final Overview:
• Dress: H&M
• Necklace: No clue LOL
• Sandals: Bakers (LONG TIME AGO! :O)


So thats pretty much how i "beat the heat" today. I hope you guys liked it :)

till later
-Jemimah <3

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