Friday, July 1, 2011

Recent Obsessions: Nude Pumps and Lady GaGa ♥


Hey Guys,
I havent done any of these "Recent Obsession" posts in a while, and well i have a HUGE obsession/s lately. I wanted to share it with you guys.

As you can see from the title, my Recent Obsession has been Nude Pumps and Lady GaGa
This might be a huge turn from what I usually post here, which is mostly just nail swatches and nail arts. But hey, the only thing sure in life is change, and here is a little change from the routine.

I think i'll be doing more of these posts because theyre kinda quick and it gives more of a personal side of me. So here we go :)


Now i know nude pumps are NOT a new concept. They've been around for quite some time and i think that Kim Kardashian made them a house hold concept. They make your legs longer, and make your but elevated, which is ALWAYS a plus.

Anyway, my 18th birthday is about to come and i needed new shoes for my Debut (a kind of filipino sweet 16, but for girls its on your 18th birthday and for guys its on their 21st) I decided to pick up my first nude pumps. EVER. I cant believe that i never had these in my life before! Now to be totally fair, these are low pumps only because i cannot walk in really tall heels for the life of me, and im 5'6, i dont really think i need any more height.


The pumps i got (well, what my mom got for me) are from Kensie. Im not the most familiar with this brand, but if they made these, then they must be amazing right? These were originally $50, but we got them for $35. If you guys wanna snag yourself a pair, i found them HERE. Well anyway, these are SO comfy, the minute that we got it, i threw them on and put my sandals in the bag. They still make me kinda tall, but eh i can deal with the height a little. They are a little light for me because im a tiny bit dark skinned, but they still look very nude and very gorgeous. They are DEFINITELY obsession material :)


So for my next obsession is Lady GaGa. To be fair, ive been obsessed with her for quite some time. You are in the presence of one of her little monster. Well I actually caved and got her CD. This might be the first CD that ive bought in a long time. The last one was probably Hilary Duff haha!

But anyway, i wanted to share with you guys my favorite song out of all of the songs in the album, and thats "Hair" Not only is it an amazing song, if you saw the comments on the youtube video on this, you would cry. I did. I was SO touched by the nice comments that people said about how the song touched them. I really shed a tear. I was so touching and it was amazing what kind of effect she had on them. On that note, Lady GaGa is definitely Obsession material.

So thats it for now guys,

till later
- Jemimah <3

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