Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Urban Decay Haul :D

Hey guys!
i wanted to share with you guys my Urban Decay Haul! :D
Im SO excited for this! this is one part of my mom's birthday gift for me.

But anyway, i wanna go ahead and talk about Urban Decay first. I actually ordered from the actual Urban Decay website as opposed to Sephora or Ulta.

Lemme just say, they have a pretty good shipping and customer service. They sent me an email about how they might ship the package a little late so i figured it would be late, but it got it about a few days from when i recieved the email about the shipping confirmation.

I opened the box and I saw so much paper in the box. The first thing i was doing was looking for my products but when i calmed down a little bit, i saw that the paper they wrapped everything in was this really pretty light lavender/purple color. i LOVED it :) im keeping the paper just because of it

The main reason for my UD haul, is to get my hands on the Naked Palette! i was SO happy that i finally have my hands on this. The minute i opened it, i tried it out :)

I unfortunately got the one with the brush. I like the brush though. Its not so bad. Its suppose to be an eyeshadow brush but it feel a little bit more like a very tiny concealer brush, but it still works fine.

Other than, i got this cream eyeshadow, i kinda only got it because i wanted free shipping but i did get this in my most favorite color ever. This is in the shade Mushroom, i have the same shadow shade in a palette and thats my most favorite eyeshadow shade out of all of my eyeshadows. Im hoping the cream shadow would be the same

Now the time that i ordered from them, they were give out 3 deluxe samples and theyre pretty big samples.

I got this Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Wallflower. Its a really nice lipgloss, i used to own one but i stopped buying it because its way to expensive

I got this mini version of their infamous UDPP in Eden. this was partially the main reason i ordered from them because of this. This is usually $5 in Sephora so the fact that UD just gave this away is pretty incredible.

They also threw in this sample of the UD Stardurst Eyeshadow in Retrograde. I heard some great things about this, so im excited to try it out :)

The last sample i got is the Pocket Rocket lipgloss. I havent opened it, its going straight to my sample box.

So that it for my UD haul. How do you guys feel about Urban Decay? lemme know in the comments :) Personally, i love them. They were the first brand i weened myself from MAC.

till later
- Jemimah <3

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