Monday, August 8, 2011

OPI - Teenage Dream ♥

Hey Guys
So this is kind of well over due but its about time that i made a post about this polish. Its OPI's Teenage Dream :)


So i want to go ahead and just thank OPI for coming out with this color. So if youre hearing me OPI, i love you very much :) Anyway lets talk about the polish. Its a lot more of a complicated polish. It has tiny specks of little pink glitters. It shines pink in some lights and kinda shines a dusty pink on other lights. It also has big chunky glitters that are kinda holographic. All these beautiful glitters are immersed in a clear but tinted polish.


I know some people consider this a kind of "neutral" glitter. i think its because its not totally "out there" pink. Like its not a bubble gum pink. I said that the tiny glitters kind of shine a dusty pink, im guessing that's what gives it its "neutral" tone. Either way, i love it :)


The pictures that youre seeing now are just 2 BEAUTIFUL COATS!! All the more reason to love it! :) This is my absolute favorite polish no matter what. Im currently looking for a back up of this and hopefully i see it! :)

So let me know about how you feel about the polish! :)

till later
- Jemimah <3

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  1. Only 2 coats? Wow! I bet it would look even better on a dark nail polish (: