Sunday, August 14, 2011

OPI's Red Shatter


Hey guys :)
This post is going to be about my recent shatter purchase. I have the black and silver shatter, i thought the black was a little too harsh and the silver BARELY shattered. After playing around with the two, i decided not to buy anymore shatters. I was out one day and i saw the red shatter! It was calling out my name! i tried resisting to it, but i just had to get it! :) When i got home, i tried this out and fortunately, i was wearing a kind of pinkish coral color which is China Glaze's Rosita. I thought that the red and the pink was going to clash together. When i did put it on, i was SO surprised! It actually looked nice.


I found that the red shatter is really feminine and still pretty edgy. As opposed to the black. This is my favorite shatter out of all the ones that i have. Its got that shattered effect that we all love but its not as harsh as the black shatter. Since it is a cream finish, it shatters beautifully :)


So over all, i dont really regret getting it. But it will be the last shatter that i'll ever purchase. I like the idea of the shatter, but i guess im still the kind of girl that just prefers the solid color or the french tip. I like the nail art every now and then, but not all the time. Hopefully, i get to use up my shatters soon but so far, theyre just sitting on my shelf.

SO what do you guys think of the Red Shatter? let me know in the comments

till later
- Jemimah :)

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