Monday, October 24, 2011

OPI's Rally Pretty Pink :)

Hey Guys :)
So i havent posted much nail polish related posts and im sorry for that lol Let me break the cycle and present OPI's Rally Pretty Pink.


This was a part of the Serena Williams collection and i searched high and low for this. Since I didnt have an Ulta near me (until now :D) I had to really look for this. I actually found this in Nordstrom Racks and i was a little hesitant but im pretty glad i got it :)

Anyway, on to the polish, i was a little confused that it was called a "pink" From the swatches that i saw online, I thought it looked like a maroon with a bronze shimmer. I wasnt wrong about the bronze part, but the maroon was really wrong. In some lights, i saw the pink in it and it is really is "rally pretty" (gotta love the pun) I was at the gym and i just happened to look down on my nails, and all i saw was this gorgeous gold color. Safe to say that this polish is one of the most unique polishes ive ever seen.


As for its formulation, it look about 2 coats to get it to this opacity but i always have a "3 coat" policy. It lasted pretty long without any major chipping. It didnt actually chip at all and i had it on for about a week.



Anyway, let me know what you guys think of this polish in the comments :)

till later
- Jemimah <3

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