Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Week: NOTD- "The Girl On Fire"

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So welcome to the Day 4 of my Hunger Games Week! This is probably going to be my favorite post for the entire week. This is going to be my manicure to watching the midnight premiere. I call it "The Girl On Fire" as per Katniss Everdeen's manicure during the interview. This is the "Nail Polish" post for the day, if you would like to see the "Fashion" post that i put up about Katniss Accessories


Anyway, if you guys haven't been reading the books, the general gist of the Hunger Games is that the 12 Districts send 2 of their children to the Capitol to fight to the death during the games called "The Hunger Games" If you read my post on Day Two, you'll know that the tributes are sent to the capitol to get all pretty and interviewed before they fight. The main character; Katniss, is nicknamed as "The Girl On Fire" because of her parade costume and her dress during the interview. The book was pretty detailed on her outfit and they specifically talked about her nails once. They said that one of her stylists put flames on her nails. I was VERY inspired to recreate this. I thought it was appropriate to use China Glaze colors as well. So this is my rendition of Katniss' nails :)

So the basic procedure of this is that i placed Fast Track as an over all base of the nail. I then used Scarlet to create a basic shape for the flames. I didnt used a sponge, I just used the brush and scraped off some polish on the side of the bottle. I let all of that dry and then I applied Electrify from the tip down and built up the glitter mostly on the bottom. I finished off with a sprinkling of Luxe and Lush on the bottom just for more glitter.

I used ALL China Glaze colors and I will list all of the names below in the order that they are in the picture.

-Electrify (Hunger Games Collection)
-Luxe and Lush (Hunger Games Collection)
-Fast Track



Anyway, let me know what you guys think of these manicure in the comments below :)

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  1. Awwww This is soooooo COOOOOL! I love it. I haven't seen the movie yet but I really want to.