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Hunger Games Week: Katniss Accessories :D

Hey Guys!
Welcome back to my Hunger Games Week. This is Day 4 of the series. Now I know the last 3 posts have been nothing but nail polishes. I know you guys must be so tired of it, so I wanted to shake things up and put in a fashion post. This is of course, based on Katniss Everdeen Check out the nail polish post for today. Its a manicure called "The Girl On Fire"


Here is the first piece that I wanted to show, This is a ring I got from Forever 21 and im not sure if you can get it anymore, but i felt that this had some representation of Katniss. As you've seen from the trailers, Katniss is known for wearing a Mockingjay pin throughout the Games. Its her way of wearing something from her district (District 12). Now, i know this bird is definitely not a Mockingjay since we have no actual mockingjays, but its pretty darn close. The flowers on the ends are also very reminiscent of a Primrose; which is Katniss' sister's name. So this ring is absolutely a great representation of her.

Now this next piece is kind of playing off the whole "bird" thing again. It might not be mockingjay-esque so if youre unhappy about that, just know that Katniss always hunted birds and sold them throughout the district. I love that this has two tones of color. These ring are actually two separate ones and if you only wanna wear one, then its completely up to you :) I bought this from H&M pretty recently so it might still be around.

Now this is piece of jewelry is rather perfect. These are feather earrings and I got them from Arden B a while ago. The black can represent the coals of District 12 and the orange tips are planned pretty well. Katniss was nicknamed "The Girl Who Was On Fire. The orange tips can show off her "fiery" nature and of course the games themselves.

This last piece is playing towards the "Girl On Fire" thing again, and as you see from the earrings, its pretty self redundant. It looks pretty amazing on all kinds of hair colors. I think it got this at a boutique somewhere around

Anyway, let me know what you guys think of these accessories in the comments below :)

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