Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dupe Alert!: Sephora's Tangerine Tango :)

Hey Guys!

I know, i know. I dont wanna hear it! it seems like I've only been posting about once a month but I do have some rather fun ones to post soon. Anyway, this one is about Sephora's Tangerine Tango lipstick and how i found a possible dupe.


So unless you havent heard, Sephora paired up with Pantone Universe and created a make up line that was solely based on the color of the year; which is Tangerine Tango. Frankly, when I heard that it was a tangerine color, I jumped at it the first chance I got. It was actually on sale only for VIBs first but its now open to the public. Now that thats done, this is still a sought after lipstick and I do think that it is great for almost any skin tone. The smell of it is also AMAZING, but Ill get to that soon.

Anyway, at $18 a tube, it is kind of expensive and I'm not gonna lie that it is pretty small. It also is a fairly daring color so it might not be so appealing to someone who hasnt tried bold colors. But i do have a solution! I have found a color fairly similar to Tangerine Tango, it is much cheaper and it is more accessible to some :)


As many of you know, Revlon came out with a line of lip butters. I actually bought one color that I had for a while, just didnt use it. That color is Tutti Frutti. Frankly, i didnt know that it was about the same as Tangerine Tango until i swatched them together.


I think its safe to say that they are unbelievably similar. BUT there are some differences.

Sephora's Tangerine Tango
- It does lean a little more to being a cool tone (but just a little bit)
- It has a very distinct scent
- Leaves a slight tint
- Lasts much longer than the Revlon one

Revlon's Tutti Frutti
- It does take a few more swipes before getting this intensity
- Does NOT have a scent (which could be great for some more sensitive to scents)
- Re-applying is a must to keep the color
- More moisturizing than the Sephora one.

They might not be the exact same lip colors but if you have been wanting to try out the Sephora lipstick, i suggest that you try the Revlon one first. And at a price range of $7-$9 (depending on where you get it) What's there to lose?

Anyway, please let me know what you guys think of this color


If you guys want me to dupe anything, let me know in the comments

till later
- Jemimah :)

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