Monday, August 6, 2012

My D.I.Y. Bracelets :)

Hi Guys!

So I wanted to share these bracelets I made! if you guys are frequent watchers of a certain Youtuber named MissGlamourazzi, you'd know that she made a video about this. Honestly, i used to know how to do this a while ago. This was huge back in the Philippines. When i saw Ingrid's video, its sparked that joy again and here are the bracelets that i made :)


This one is just a simple braid. If you guys know how to braid hair, then its super simple to just do this :) i just used a smaller suede cording

This one is much more complicated. This knot is called a square knot. just google "square knot bracelet" and you'll be good to go. I used a purple suede cording as a base (or an anchor, whatever you guys wanna call it lol) and i used blue hemp twine for the knots.

This bracelet is the same knot as the last one. The only thing i did differently with it is that i did it in a different color and i placed a toggle on it. I personally didnt buy these toggles, i had some bracelets that had toggles (That i know i wasnt gonna wear anymore) and i took of the closures. Great way to recycle some jewelry right?

This bracelet is essentially the square knot bracelet but i just used beads. I took apart some beads from an old bracelet (again, something that i felt was out of season) and i put them within the bracelet. i just put some knots in between the beads so it doesnt seem too clunky in one area

Anyway, please let me know what you guys think of these bracelets :)

If youre curious on where I bought these materials, they're all from Amazon. I feel like theyre much cheaper :)

Till later!
- Jemimah



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