Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wishlist Haul: Nail Polish! & Giveaway Announcement!


Hi Guys!
I wanted to share this haul with you guys. I have been lusting over some of these polishes. Before you guys ask, I don’t usually like buying my polishes full price, I usually buy them from an online seller and I will link it in the bottom. Warning: There is a LOT of glitter in this post. 

Glitter All The Way: This polish has all small glitters with the same size but they are different colors. This polish just screams “Mardi Gras” to me

Pizzazz: Yet another glitter polish. This one is much more chunky thank the first glitter that I showed but you already know that it will be a paaaaain to remove

Get Carried Away: This polish, I found was really unique but weird, ill definitely do a post on this soon because it is really interesting

Glitter Goblin: This polish was from the Halloween collection and it looks very cool. It doesn’t seem to be too pigmented to it could be made as a top coat

Water You Waiting For: This polish is GORGEOUS! I know it will be a pain to remove also and it is just a gorgeous polish! 

Surreal Appeal: This is SUCH a gorgeous coral color and I will do a post of this soon. Lets just say that this is definitely an A+ in my book

Re-Fresh Mint: This is just a repurchase. Since spring is coming up soon, I definitely would need another one to prepare myself for the upcoming season
Please let me know if you want to see any polishes in a separate post.

I will be having a small give away soon both on LUUUX and on my blog. Keep an eye out soon! I will make it a touch interesting though! I hope you guys start following me and you’ll see it soon :)

Where I buy my polishes:
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Till later!

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